VW Beetle Annimation

Web Design
Project Overview
Punch buggy, no punch back! Known for their quant iconic nature, this startup dashboard fully conveys the personality of a Volkswagen beetle.
VW Beetle Animation
Web Design
The startup animation would play on the dashboard of the car every time it is turned on. For this project, I went further and explored how this design could help navigate the driver from point A to point B. This holds true to the iconic 60’s colors and the charm of the beetle including a flower for the GPS tracker alluding to the flower holder that is seen within the older models. The loading screen pays tribute to the older generations as a a classic beetle drives in, revealing the temperature and morphs to the newer model to reveal the time. The shape of the speedometer comes directly from the iconic curve of the roof of the Beetle, and the reason for the nickname "the bug". The personality of their car is seen within a variety of elements of the dashboard. The animation was coded in Visual Studio Code.